A Rare Ruby / by Leo Crane

In October, we welcomed a true gem to The Glory, artists’ model, performer and all-around creative Ruby Rare.

In a red wig made of streamers, Ruby took the stage and owned it.  Working through a series of 2, 5 and 10-minute poses she gave angle, height, poise and dynamism.  With minimal use of props, drawers could focus on capturing the human form and the personality springing from it in the purest, most unobstructed way.

After the break, Ruby launched into a series of 15-minute poses, offering a variety of perspectives across the room.  She also engaged with the drawers, asking for input on position, the use or not of a stool, throwing back here, leg there, standing, reclining, twisting…

Starkers at The Glory has always been about championing drawing of all abilities and heralding life drawing as a social, collaborative experience.  Ruby exemplified how much we also champion the model: her style and her presence were her own, as was the playlist “combo of Blues and some weird Japanese/French 60s Pop”. 

Join us at the Royal Institute of British Architects on Saturday Oct. 28th for Drawing Domesticity, featuring veteran artists’ models Roy Joseph Butler and Dominic Blake.

Back at The Glory in November, we welcome Gennaro Pisapia, a.k.a. BearTiger.

Come and join us!  Can’t draw? who cares!