The Fig Leaves are Off: Freyia vs Pavel / by Leo Crane

Starkers at The Glory kicked off with a competitive pose-off at London's queer and alternative hotspot. Roy and Leo welcomed 15 guests of all abilities, from professional artists to drawing newbies. Drinks in one hand, drawing materials in the other, they settled into their ring-side seats as PAVEL, the Czech with the Pecs, took on Miss Sheibari herself, FREYIA.

Leo called time on a series of dynamic two-minute poses, leading to fives and a ten before a well-earned break. Refuelled at The Glory bar, the second half took a more sensitive tone. Freyia and Pavel lay in mirrored poses, hands clasped, then back-to-back, heads resting on each other's shoulders. But Freyia had the last laugh when she brought out her bag of props for the final pose, tying up Pavel using her famous Japanese bondage technique.

The evening inspired some fantastic drawings, some of which you can see on our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone for coming and entering into the Starkers spirit. See you on Tuesday 4 April, when artist and model Peter Maverick becomes Sister Saturnalia, with nothing but a wimple and beard to get in the way of your Starkers drawing pleasure.

Artwork by some of those who attended, including: Sarah, Chris, Leo, Alexandra, India and Ellie