Revelling in Torture: Roy / by Leo Crane

This week Starkers took you down into the dungeon beneath The Glory. There, blind-folded on a spot-lit stage, was ROY, waiting for your gaze.

In Jessie Parsons’ documentary Mirror Doesn’t Love You Like This, Roy says: “I revel in the torture I put myself through.” With this in mind, he launched into a series of twisted two-minute poses for an audience of regulars and welcome newcomers. Leo acted as host, calling time and then ordering some tense ten-minute poses.

Released for a break, people refreshed their drinks and shared their work before being summoned for the second half. A 15 and a 20-minute pose brought us to the final staging, where Leo joined Roy, cuffing their hands and presiding as gaoler for the final 20-minute pose.

After the drawing, we were delighted to welcome Jessie Parsons to the stage to give a brief introduction to Mirror Doesn’t Love You Like This. She had wanted to make a film that captured the models’ perspective and found an unexpected insight into their thinking, how they use the space and how they visualise their own work.

Next week, we welcome CARLA, also featured in the film. Carla says: “You have some sort of power when you model” – a hint at the theme she will bring. Don’t miss it!