Feeling Powerful: Carla / by Leo Crane

Carla swept us off our feet this week with her distinctive style. In Jessie Parsons’ documentary Mirror Doesn’t Love You Like This, Carla says: “You have some sort of power when you model.” With whip in hand and leopard-print heels, she brought that power to the stage, dominating us with a series of two-minute poses followed by ten-minute poses.

After the break, Carla returned for two 20-minute poses, provocatively draping herself across bar stools. Drawings ranged from vibrant coloured pastels to energetic charcoals and pencil drawings full of character. Experienced ranged from professional artists to those who had never drawn before with everyone producing lively and inspiring work.

Next week, we launch STARKERS ACADEMY, introducing new models David and Renan coached by seasoned model and Starkers host Roy Joseph Butler.