Founding the Starkers Academy / by Leo Crane

What do you get when you put two amateur life models in the spotlight in front of a bunch of artists with drinks and a little Pomp and Circumstance?  The Starkers Academy!

We were proud to launch our amateur modelling night last Tuesday at The Glory with two models who are bound to be very successful on the life art circuit: Pinto Nan and David Sparkes.

Pinto took to the stage first with very physical, dynamic poses throughout the set of 2, 10 and 15 minutes.  With some in attendance very new to the drawing experience and others more practised, Renan presented no shortage of challenges and sheer exuberance for everyone.  David continued the theme after the break, offering up poses any seasoned model would find hard to hold, let alone someone new to the game. 

For the final 20 minutes both models took to the stage.  Those drawing were treated to variations of height, tension, perspective and physical skill.

The Starkers Academy was founded on the principle of giving new talent their moment to shine.  We look forward to hosting it again, and if you or anyone you know is interested in going starkers for art, we’d love to hear from you.

Next week, we bring you WARRIOR.  Sharpen those pencils and draw like a hero with model Thomas Elliott’s take – starkers, of course – on Frank Frazetta, the late great god of fantasy art.