Mischevious and Romantic: Will / by Leo Crane

Comic servant, mischievous trickster, romantic hero HARLEQUIN entertained us on The Glory stage this week. Projected onto his nude body and spilling onto the curtain behind was his trademark pattern of colourful diamonds.

Through a series of well researched poses, WILL brought Harlequin's witty playfulness to life using his experience as dramaturg and role play researcher. With only a hat and a rudimentary slap-stick, he drew on traditional Commedia dell’ Arte images as well as contemporary interpretations.

The projected pattern brought a new challenge to drawing with the best responses from those who threw caution to the wind and colour on the paper. Nonetheless, there were some great works in pencil and charcoal to complement the quick watercolours, coloured inks and pastels.

Next week, get ready for CAMP! with Performance Artist, Neo-Burlesque, Drag King and Mime: APPLE TART. As always, it will be life drawing with a queer twist. Can’t draw? Who cares!