Apple Does CAMP! / by Leo Crane

She wore hair Marie Antoinette herself would be proud of.  Or even Catherine the Great.  And when she walked onto the turf (Astro, of course, and complete with raised tent, sleeping bag and tin of beans) in her negligée, red Converse Chuck Taylor’s and nothing else, Miss Apple Tart truly went to CAMP!

In 2-minute warm-up poses, Apple gave OTT camp realness with her trademark playfulness and cabaret-inspired humour.  One moment, she held the bean tin aloft in mock surprise and offence, the next she was knees-up, head in hands, half in and half out of the tent, in pure frustration with the (not so) great outdoors.

Her negligée and trainers fell away with the 5, 10 and 15-minute poses, where she used the entire stretch of turf and camping accoutrements to offer up a range of dynamic standing, laying and sitting poses. 

After the break, Apple exuded nude elegance, sometimes with tiara, and others with a leg in the air or a toss of shade.  Poses were 15 and 20-minutes in length, giving ample time for drawers to capture the model and the space.

There was a real spirit of exuberance in the room, and drawers with diverse levels of skill (including those who don’t rate their artistry at all) came together to share work, share tips and share a good time. 

Next week, the Starkers Academy is back!  We’ll be welcoming Roger Bascho-George and Maya W., individuals brand new to life modelling.  Past Academy graduates have gone on to get work on the life model circuit.  Look out for Pinto Nan at Drawing the Star on June 6th and Starkers at RIBA on July 4th.  And David Sparkes will be modelling for the celebrated SketchPad Drawing on June 14th.  No doubt Roger and Maya will also find modelling success. 

Come and join us and them on May 30th for an amazing time.  Can’t draw?  Who cares!