Election Fever: Margo at the Ballot Box / by Leo Crane

The votes have been counted.  The people have spoken.  And to usher in what was to prove a watershed moment in British electoral politics, Starkers went to the ballot box in its own special way with life drawing at The Glory, featuring up-and-coming model MARGO BLOOM.

Last Tuesday, Margo returned to life modelling, taking to the stage for the first time in years, with 2, 5 and 10-minute poses combining pure femininity with playfulness and solidity.

After a 10-minute break, drawers were treated to 15 and 20-minute poses where Margo didn’t move an inch, an indulgence enabling artists to really capture the accompanying still life objects – a pink ballot box, election and political propaganda posters, a chair, a stool, a megaphone – alongside Margo’s own living form.  As with previous events, drawers came with varying levels of ability, and Margo facilitated an array of creative expression and dialogue from and between each person.

For our next event (Tuesday June 12th), the Starkers team and The Glory bring you Boylesque Horror, another life drawing extravaganza and featuring model Roman Ackley.  Expect intensity, fake blood and a queer little twist on the boylesque performance as only Roman can deliver.

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Can’t draw?  Who cares!

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