Blood and Burlesque: Roman's dramatic performance / by Leo Crane

Roman Ackley gave a dramatic Burlesque performance to those drawing at The Glory. In black tutu, killer heels and theatrical make up and to a playlist of Gothic Retro, he set the scene for something macabre and seductive: Boylesque Horror.

We began with some two-minute poses before heading straight into ten and 15-minute drawings. Each pose was poised, still and alive. After the break, the tutu came off and horror was unleashed. With blood dripping down his nude body and coagulating on his hands (hang on, was this really stage blood? It seemed very real…), Roman gripped his stabbed heart, lay dying on the floor and then stared at the horror of his blood-stained hands.

The artworks were fantastic and as varied as the number of people drawing. They showed colour, drama, character and confidence, no matter what the level of experience.

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Tues 20 June: Pride and Protest

Tues 27 June: Love Happens Here

And on Tues 4 July we have a special Pride event: Queer and the City at RIBA