Pride & Protest with LEE / by Leo Crane

In June 1969, the Stonewall Riots in New York were the spark that set off the fuse of pride protests around the world, and at the forefront of those riots were the likes of Sylvia Rivera, Marsha P. Johnson, and other drag queens, transsexuals and Queers with power, purpose and passion.  As we also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of gay sex in the UK, Starkers brought Pride & Protest to The Glory.

To a soundtrack of 70s anthems, LEE took to the stage amongst makeshift placards and props. Drawing on his theatrical background, he posed with slogans of equality, love and identity, from assertive campaigner to exhausted protester surrounded by the detritus of a long march.

In the Glory’s cool basement, an escape the sweltering city outside, Starkers regulars captured Lee, making the most of the slogans and symbols around him. This night felt particularly relaxed and informal, ending with more drinks in The Glory’s main bar where we chatted about the range of queer and alternative events hosted at this very special place.

Join us on Tuesday 27 June for LOVE HAPPENS HERE, our final event at The Glory before we break for the summer.

And don’t miss our Pride feature QUEER AND THE CITY at the Royal Institute of British Architects on Tues 4 July.