Novices at the Academy / by Leo Crane

The Starkers Academy returned to The Glory with an emphasis in newness, exuberance and creative abandon.

Maya Williams made her debut to life modelling with real aplomb.  Her 2-minute short poses were strong: poised, dynamic, well-held.  Longer poses of 10, 15 and 20 minutes both before and after the break were professional exemplars of stasis and how to offer up to an audience everything a life subject can; an aim of the life model is to communicate, to give the artist something to capture and translate, and Maya seemed to intrinsically know how to do this.  She used every aspect of the setting: the different heights of the stage, tall and short stools, even the ceiling!   

Maya’s background as a dancer lent her the moves, but a strong self-possession and self-awareness provided her with a presence supreme.

Fresh from the Starkers Academy, Maya has gone on to model with Art Macabre at The Book Club (Shoreditch, London) for Electric Mermaids, and she will be working again with the Starkers team, and artist/tutor Elizabeth Sandford Richardson, in mid-June for a life drawing workshop at architecture form Sybarite.

Maya’s artistic expression as model came from her own inner spark to try something new in a dynamic and inspired way, and this was echoed by the life drawing crowd.  A number of people attended the Academy who were brand new to life drawing, or returning to the experience after many years.  Artists, despite their level of skill, supported each other on the night, sharing hints and tips and finding in each other’s work real gems of artistry.

Whether or not you think you can draw, who cares! 

This was a celebration of people coming together to find forms of expression, either as model or as drawer, without pressure and full of fun.  We look forward to welcoming that same community spirit in our upcoming events and workshops:

June 6th – Starkers at The Glory – Starkers at the Ballot Box

June 13th – Starkers at The Glory – Boylesque Horror

June 20th – Starkers at The Glory – Pride & Protest

June 27th – Starkers at The Glory – Love Happens Here

July 4th – Starkers at RIBA – Queer and the City

For information on bespoke life drawing workshops and celebration events contact us anytime: