Facing the Dawn, Starkers / by Leo Crane

There’s something momentous about seeing the sunrise, as if that vital part of daybreak is setting the stage for something dazzling. 

Try standing completely starkers to the world, facing east on a fresh summer dawn with nought between you but the new-born sun and a lover.  We did this recently on our honeymoon, from a Temple on a hill overlooking the Cornish moors.  It’s nice to think we saw our destiny, manifest and laid out before us, waiting to be discovered.  In truth, what we saw was a beautiful landscape and a bright horizon waiting for us to make a mark upon it.

With Starkers, we have a strong desire to leave a deep impression on the figurative arts.  Perhaps, it’s because we have a strong professional link to what we do (as model and artist), a strong connection with each other and a need to do stuff together.  If anything, our own partnership drives an appreciation of others, and the professional partnerships we keep and strive for are fundamental to every dream we want to make real. 

We see virtual spaces for burgeoning creatives to network better, maybe on the subject of art, or where to find a class or workshop that’s the best fit or how to make a living from a driving artistic passion.

We see an authentic group of artists’ models and creatives coming together to substantiate and consistently review the working standards of models, to create and promote projects collectively and to prove just how true it is that art is a collective act.

We see an ever increasing dedication to the pioneering work of using the figurative arts to combat and raise awareness of mental health issues, including body dysmorphia, Alzheimer’s, PTSD, depression, personality disorders and brain injury.

We see life drawing as something accessible for anyone, for reasons that range from the professional, the exuberant and the deeply personal.

Nothing ventured nothing gained, and Starkers has always been a venture we wanted many to gain from, and be an integral part of.  So as we catch the horizon and make our mark we acclaim the hopes and promises we have for our unique foray into life drawing, the animated figure and everything else that makes the figurative arts what they are.

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