Jason & Vee Debut at Starkers Academy 3 / by Leo Crane

The first time: nerve-wracking, intimidating, exhilarating and empowering - and that's what the Starkers Academy is all about. Last week, Jason Fallone and Vee took to the stage for the first time as nude life models, interacting with their audience and inspiring some great drawings. And it wasn't just the models whose creative virginity was at stake: making that first mark on a blank sheet of paper can be an equally daunting experience, but one that was soon conquered. 

And so we launched our new season at The Glory: bold, fresh and full of personality.

Jason was the first on stage, striking dynamic two-minute poses to encourage quick, gestural drawing. He moved onto five, ten and 15-minute poses, including a strong striding stance and a beautiful twisted sitting pose.

Vee took over for the second half, bringing a narrative to the stage, from meditation and painting her nails to parting the curtains at the back of the stage as if looking out at a bright new future. For several of her poses, she showed how the often-overlooked back can make a beautiful composition.

For the last 20 minutes, they posed together: Jason striding forward, Vee seated with a gentle s-curve to the spine.

Finally, as befits a true Academy, host Leo presented Jason and Vee with their Starkers Academy certificates. As with their fellow Starkers alumni (Pinto, David and Maya), we know we'll be seeing more of Jason and Vee as professional models at future life drawing events.

Next month, we give The Glory stage to RUBY RARE. Mark 10 October in your diary and book your tickets here.